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In this life we have to make a lot of choices. First, it's important to understand what we really want. Is this something we really want or is it just too good of a bargain to pass up?

Every day we come across a variety of propositions to choose from. Some of them are distinct, while the others are more subtle.

When we choose a new office, do we always look at money as our primary requirement? Often times we make a decision on the spur of the moment. If we like what we see and feel, money is no longer an issue. This is exactly why the majority of occupiers tend to go for a loft or a mansard space. Because it looks great and feels comfortable, and we really see ourself working productively and efficiently in that space.

The reason why we want exposed brick walls, high/sloped ceilings, plants in the offices is that these things encourage us to work better and be more productive.

What is an ideal set up? An ideal set up is the one that engages all emotions making us feel happy and productive.

I often find myself going to particular coffee shops because I like their coffee and the atmosphere. Here I capture ideas and thoughts, write articles, listen to music and audiobooks. This is where I feel very creative and productive.

When we choose a book, we often search for a specific author. Readers choose Don Winslow, Meg Wollitzer, Peter Clines, Nicholas Evans, etc. because their writing is moving, suspenseful, and seductive.

Here's another comparison. Consumers prefer iPhones over other devices because iPhones are A) aesthetically pleasing B) diversified in the sense of multitasking C) help you get more things done on the go. When I take a note on my iPhone or start a writing project, I can always pick it up on the computer or the iPad where I left it off. In other words we want continuity between home and office like we want continuity in the tech world.

When we choose an office, we do not always look at the financial side of the assessment scale. Mind over matter, emotions over mind. It’s often times our emotions that kick in to tip the balance which office best suits our needs. Emotional judgment, also known as the smell test, helps us realize whether or not we see ourselves in a particular office. In order to pass that smell test, developers use all kinds of tricks such as creating a loft ambience, setting up coffee points in building lobbies and reception areas, using wood, plants, and soft colors as the finishing touches for building out office space and common areas. I know one developer who has a number of office properties where you will find an atrium and a fireplace as the distinguishing emotional attribute.

The most productive place is the one where we feel the happiest. Mansard is exactly the type of space that gives us the flavor of comfort and the sense of reaching our full potential. Perhaps it’s the slanted walls or mansard windows that get us closer to the sky—blue or gray—especially when it rains as we watch the raindrops sliding down the windows and resonating with the sound of a drum when knocking on the glass.

Mansard is the niche space. It is typically the top floor of an old low-story building. The first mansard spaces in Moscow appeared in the middle of the 90s. They were either redeveloped attics or new additions in residential and commercial properties. A perfect illustration of a mansard street could be Frunze embankment or Archangelsky lane.

Mansards usually have low ceiling heights, hence no suspended ceilings and boring Armstrong-type overhead lighting. Layouts are mostly open but can be predetermined by the existing configuration of a building and floor plates. On par with the layouts the majority of mansard spaces are fairly small as far as square meters are concerned, again small being the synonym of cozy—the cinnamon on cappuccino. Speaking of the fancy carbs, mansards are not for everyone. I can easily imagine a creative bunch of nerds with goatees carrying Tom Bihn backpacks and messenger bags and wearing cargo shorts and T-shirts depending on the season.

Unlike retail space, offices are not meant to be a selling space. Mansards despite being less efficient can definitely boost your productivity and increase the level of serotonin. 🙂